Separate from psychology and therapy services, Dr. Passarelli provides organizational consulting for individuals and groups. He often collaborates with management and internal consultants at companies and organizations. 

As an organizational consultant, Dr. Passarelli integrates his experience as a clinical and research psychologist with the needs of top-level management and the company overall. He assists with developing strategic solutions and concepts that are comprehensive, and objective in identifying and treating "core issues" rather than "just managing them." Clients incorporate his clinical expertise to assist with making informed decisions related to company transitions, partnerships, corporate communications, executive coaching, and achieving goals via best practice and company culture.

Dr. Passarelli also provides mental health consulting and psychoeducational trainings for research organizations, academic institutions and athletic programs (safety and wellness). He is also involved with non-profit and veterans organizations.

His goal is to provide clients with detailed information that is specific to their area of need-- while also analyzing how this is related to the overall system they are working in. This allows for a more thorough understanding of the topic as well as provides for effective planning, real-time problem solving and anticipation of change in other areas going forward.

Consulting Services

  • Leadership and Team Development
  • Enhancing Communications
  • Corporate Strategies and Partnerships
  • Change Management
  • Program Development and Implementation
  • Company Culture and Achieving Best Practice
  • Safety and Wellness
  • Educational Seminars for Schools and Academic Institutions