Dr. Vincent Passarelli provides psychology and therapy services specific to the needs of each client. This includes providing psychotherapy services as well as assisting clients with life stage and professional transitions. Dr. Passarelli is a clinical psychologist with over fifteen years of clinical and research experience in the areas of psychological assessment and treatment. He has worked extensively with a wide-range of clients and has been employed as an expert psychologist and consultant by hospitals, clinical research organizations and academic institutions.

 At Lafayette Psychology, Dr. Passarelli provides psychotherapy services for individuals, couples and families. He assists clients with developing adaptive cognitive-behavioral skills while enhancing their use of existing ones. This includes integrating one's use of skills to extend across settings-- applying them to various life situations-- professional and personal. This allows for better short- and long-term achievement of goals, plus efficient planning and advancement during life's inevitable transitional periods.

Dr. Passarelli has been a licensed clinical psychologist at leading hospitals, research programs and specialized clinical treatment programs, including: Mount Sinai School of Medicine; National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Funded Grants; the Veterans Affairs Medical Center; Cognitive Behavioral Associate; and the Bronx Veterans Medical Research Foundation. He completed his internship at North Shore-LIJ Medical Center, and received his doctorate from Long Island University-Post.

Dr. Passarelli's extensive experience in the area of psychological assessment and clinical treatment has led him to collaborate on a range of peer-reviewed publications, projects and grants that include:

     • Life Transitions
     • Anxiety Disorders
     • Depressive Disorders, Mood Disorders
     • Personality and Development
     • Relationships
     • Student Transitions
     • Work-life Balance
     • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
     • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
     • Impact of Prolonged Stress
     • Influence of Psychosocial Factors
     • Traumatic Brain Injuries
     • Trauma, Resilience, Recovery
     • Emotion-Driven Behaviors
     • Impulsivity, Anger, At-risk Behaviors
     • ADHD- Adolescent and Adult
     • Military Deployment and Reintegration

             Vincent Passarelli, PsyD            Clinical Psychologist            Lafayette Psychology - SoHo NYC    

           Vincent Passarelli, PsyD
           Clinical Psychologist
           Lafayette Psychology - SoHo NYC